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No card fees. Better exchange rates. No bull$h!7.

A simpler place for your money.

Why indó?

It shouldn't cost you to use your money.

No card fees.

No card fees.

Special transaction fees is how banks charge you for using your own money. With us your transactions are free, the way it should have always been.

We help you save with all kinds of savings tips and tricks

Have fun saving money.

More fun to save.

We call our savings account Savings Jars simply because they're so much more fun than regular savings accounts. You can customize the appearance of your jar, change the name and add an image, e.g. of what you are saving for. You can also set goals and activate all kinds of savings tricks so you can save without really noticing.

The cheapest cup of coffee abroad.

No extra markup when traveling.

No extra markup when traveling.

When you're sipping a cappuccino in Italy or enjoying an ice cream in the Canaries you're paying less than your fellow traveler, because we don't charge you more for currency than we pay for it ourselves.

Finally a new option for your money.

Take part in shaping indó.

Take part in shaping indó.

Take part in a community of people who want to create a completely new option for people in Iceland to store and use their money and shape a modern banking service. Everyone needs banking, we just don't need the old banks anymore to get it.

How to indó?

We don't want you to embark on an uncertain journey… should we go over this together?


To get started, you need to download the indó app to your smartphone. Head to the App Store or Play Store, search for the indó app, and download it. We don't have branches or internet banking... psst, you can also click the button... it leads you to the right place 👇

indó app

Once you've downloaded the app, it will guide you through the registration process, which is quick and easy, takes about 1 minute. It doesn't cost anything to get the app, use it, or open an account. All you need to open an account is an Icelandic electronic ID on your SIM card, be 18 years or older, and have residency within the EEA.

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After Registration

After you've completed registration, we immediately set up a debit account, debit card, and a savings jar for you.

... keep exploring, and we'll tell you more 🤗

indó app
Debit Card

You can activate the card directly on your phone and start using your indó card in your wallet! To do this, go to the card screen in the app and select "Add to Apple Pay" or "Add to Google Pay." On the card screen, you'll find many other features, such as:

  • A shortcut to activate Apple Pay or Google Pay on your phone
  • Security settings for card usage
  • The PIN code for your card
  • Your card details

The debit card will be sent to the address you choose and may take about 10-20 days to arrive.

indó app
Debit Account

Your debit account is a regular checking account. When you've transferred money from your old bank or received your earnings to indó, you can:

  • Pay contactless with the debit card on your phone or with the card itself
  • Pay bills/claims
  • Transfer money to friends, family, or anyone
  • View and search transactions
  • Put money into your savings jar
indó app
Savings Jar

We call our savings accounts "savings jars." We do this because they are much more fun than regular savings accounts. They are designed to help you start saving.

You can customize the look of your jar, change its name, and add an image, for example, of what you're saving for. You can also set goals and activate various savings hacks so you can save without even noticing.

indó app

At indó, there are no transaction fees, no currency exchange fees, no nonsense, and absolutely no hidden costs. Check out our price list to learn more!

indó app
Idea Bank

What about international transfers, loans, credit cards, and other services...?

...This is just the start. We want to meet all your everyday financial needs but we had to start somewhere. We are in constant evolution and we prioritize new services for our indóans based on where the demand is greatest. You can influence us by submitting or voting on ideas in our idea bank.

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Questions and Answers

You probably have some questions... We've answered countless of them in our questions and answers section. Be sure to check it out!

indó app
Your Old Bank and Earnings

You don't need to notify your old bank until you want to. You can close your account immediately if you wish, but we highly recommend starting by trying to use indó and seeing if it's right for you.

If you want your salary to go to indó, contact your employer and request that your salary will be paid into your new indó account.

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