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Release Notes

What's new?!

indó app 0.1.43

June 12, 2024

Changes and additions

  • Added a monthly cost breakdown to overdraft
  • You can now hold down backspace in the numpad to clear inputs faster
  • Toggling the emoji keyboard can now be accessed by pressing the "help" button when logging in
  • A small shadow appears above the numpad if there is content behind it that can be scrolled to

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where inputs were sometimes not registered when typing fast using the numpad
  • Multiple spelling and language fixes for prepaid salary
  • The keyboard now automatically opens when opening the national registry search screen
  • The screen no longer flickers when opening the FaQ
  • Fixed multiple cases where screens with a numpad were overflowing for small displays
  • Fixed minor layout inconsistencies for the claim details, transfer SSN, and transfer complete screens

indó app 0.1.42

May 27, 2024

Changes and additions

  • Better error handling when closing prepaid salary
  • Make sure home screen is refreshed after prepaid salary has been activated or closed
  • Make sure all text is translated correctly for prepaid salary

indó app 0.1.41

May 24, 2024

Changes and additions

  • Now you can apply for prepaid salary

indó app 0.1.40

May 17, 2024

Changes and additions

  • Transactions for overdraft interest have their own look along with an explanation now
  • When selecting a limit reduction for an overdraft an example in text now appears explaining the behaviour
  • When closing an overdraft, a confirmation now appears
  • When applying for an overdraft, failed criteria now appear at the top of the list
  • A limit reduction plan is now offered again after updating the limit of an overdraft

Bug fixes

  • Updating the passcode from the profile screen now works again
  • Fixed issue where invalid amounts were sometimes suggested for overdraft limit reductions

indó system update

May 14, 2024

Changes and additions

  • Now you can apply for an overdraft and prepaid salary

indó app 0.1.39

May 13, 2024

Changes and additions

  • Preperation for an unreleased feature

indó app 0.1.38

May 8, 2024

Changes and additions

  • indó is now available for teens aged 13-17!
  • Documents can now be signed with "Auðkennisapp"
  • Added a warning to Shake & Report explaining it's for bug reports

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where biometrics would sometimes be shown multiple times when logging in
  • Fixed a bug where the app would be unresponsive on the splash screen showing the indó figurine, requiring an app restart
  • After completing a transfer, navigating back without pressing "Close" works properly now
  • The balance on the home screen now gets updated when making a transfer to/from a savings jar
  • Fixed a bug where the system navigation bar would get stuck with a wrong color for some devices after opening a savings hack
  • Fixed a bug where an invalid mailing address could be submitted during signup

indó app 0.1.36

March 6, 2024

Changes and additions

  • Now everyone that doesn't have an electronic id on their sim card can use the Auðkenniapp to log in and sign up for indó.
  • Refined how the balance and home screen status is fetched. It now appears much faster.
  • We now always send you an email and a note when logging into the app. This is done so that you can see and react in the case that an unscrupulous person has accessed the app.

Bug fixes

  • Stop showing old coachmarks on log in. Now they will never show up again after they have appeared once.

indó app 0.1.35

February 22, 2024

Changes and additions

  • Changed how we display the initial state of the transaction search. Now all your transaction appear right away.
  • Updates to the design of savings hacks, mailing address screen at signup and the charity screen.
  • Improved how the "on/off" switch acts in dark mode. It was a bit too dark to see.
  • Changed the wording of push notifications for card transactions that are flagged for suspected fraud.
  • Order the accounts under "Your people" by last transaction date instead of alphabetically.
  • Added images and updated the style of accounts displayed for a contact

Bug fixes

  • Clear reversals at their own date instead of the date when the original transaction was made.

indó app 0.1.34

February 13, 2024


  • Choose your favorite people!
    • Choose your favorite people to have on the home screen - for even quicker transfers!
    • You can always find your favorites and all the others that you've transferred money to before by clicking on "my people"
    • Give your people nicknames and choose their photos! You can also change the names of their accounts!
    • Now you can easily find all the people you have transferred to and your favorite people in the search bar when you make a transfer!
    • Now other indoans are able to see your account number when they have entered your social security number. This will make it easier for them to transfer to you.
    • If you don't want your account number to be seen by other indóans you can hide it by opening "Account".
  • Multiple design changes, most notably:
    • Typography: new font
    • Colors: updated color scheme
    • Lists: updated design and made them more consistent with each other
    • Profile: profile button from the top right corner to the top left corner

Changes and additions

  • Changed the position of the "salary switch" tile, now it's the top one on the "stuff" screen
  • Switched the position of national registry search tile and the electronic documents tile on the "stuff" screen
  • Reordered charities list
  • "due" and "unpaid" claims groups are now combined under the "unpaid" group
  • We made text flow around image and close button on message boxes
  • We made error states more cohesive throughout the app

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some screens didn't automatically refresh data when resumed.
  • Fixed how text strikethrough was responding to dark mode

indó app 0.1.33

December 29, 2023

Changes and additions

  • Hide transaction detail line when empty
  • Fix white border around profile picture in dark mode
  • Fix padding in currency converter

indó app 0.1.32

December 20, 2023

Changes and additions

  • The Yule Lads have started marching to town... and also to our national registry under "Stuff". Can you find them all?
  • Now you can hide and reorder savings jars!
  • Savings tips now have a maximum amount of lines. When they become too long you can click on them to see the full savings tip.

indó system update

November 28, 2023
  • You can now get help transferring your salary under "Stuff"
  • indó now supports ipv6
  • New design and features on the claims screen
    • You can choose to pay all claims, on the due date or instantly, at once
    • You can choose to hide all optional claims at once
    • Claims you have not seen before are now specially marked with a small green bubble
    • New claims appear under the claims inbox, the claims you have scheduled appear in their own inbox and hidden claims as well
    • Bubbles on top of inboxes show how many claims are in each inbox. If the bubble is red it means there is a claim there that needs your attention

Salary switch under stuff

indó app 0.1.31

November 27, 2023

Changes and additions

  • Design updates to list views. All lists in the app are now displayed from edge to edge.
  • Improved the delete jars bottom modal so that the cancel button is disabled if confirm has been pressed.
  • Improved the way the customer's address is prefilled on the address signup step.
  • Improved the clarity of error messages when transfers fail.

indó app 0.1.30

November 20, 2023

Changes and additions

  • The balance on the home screen now loads faster
  • A warning appears in the home screen if the core banking system is unreachable
  • System outage messages in the home screen can now link to websites
  • When a transaction is declined due to the card being frozen a notification lets you know
  • Name, social security number, account number and address added to the account statement export

Bug fixes

  • Savings tips are now ordered correctly
  • Now only one push notification is sent for refunds
  • Fixed the push notification preferences screen sometimes jumping around

indó app 0.1.29

November 9, 2023

Changes and additions

  • Improved top padding behavior on the electronic documents screen.
  • Added "Took effect" date to our "Interest rates and pricing" screen that shows when it was last changed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where emojis didn't work for transaction list tiles.
  • Fixed a bug in our "account number" signup step where we would sometimes recommend unavailable account numbers.
  • Fixed a minor dark mode bug that occurred while creating a custom jar. The suggestion text was too dark to be seen.
  • Fixed a bug for iOS where "shake and report" would not send a report unless a screenshot was successfully taken.
  • Fix a bug where we sometimes stripped the sign from negative numbers.

indó system update

October 27, 2023
  • You can now access your electronic documents under "Stuff"

Electronic documents under stuff

indó app 0.1.28

October 26, 2023

Changes and additions

  • Added new charities to our "Give a nice gift" screen under "Stuff"
  • Improved the explanation given on our authentication prompt to make it super clear to never accept authentication unless you were the one trying to authenticate
  • Added jar names to savings deposit push notices
  • Improved the wording on the confirmation modal when deleting a savings jar because when jars are deleted accrued, unpaid interest will be deposited into the debit account
  • Improved the wording on the confirmation modal when logging out to better clarify that the button will log out all devices

Bug fixes

  • Minor dark mode fixes. The intro for savings jars had text a bit too dark to read and our yellow informative character had it's arms and legs blending into the background

indó system update

October 11, 2023
  • A new savings algorithm: Hidden fees; save the fees that your other bank might charge you.
  • A new savings algorithm: Round up; round up your card purchases and save the difference.
  • Savings tips: Subscribe to weekly savings tips.
  • You can now receive a push notification when you save. Configure in the Push notification preferences or in the jar itself.
  • Changed the time when we schedule automated payments. Now they are scheduled to run between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM

indó system update

October 5, 2023
  • Transactions between own accounts now have the title of the counterparty account in account statements

indó app 0.1.27

October 5, 2023

Changes and additions

  • Design updates on the home screen where we removed claim related information and made room for a larger debit account balance and bank account number instead
  • A bubble now appears over the claims tab in the navigation bar indicating unhandled claims, the bubble is red if any of the unhandled claims are overdue otherwise its black.
  • Improved our transfer results popup for transfers that take a long time to complete
  • Improved how the bottom navigation bar looks on Android
  • Added an error state to savings screen
  • Added an extra confirmation step to transfers if the payment value is 10 million ISK or greater
  • Created a filter in the transaction search screen that combines interest rates, taxes and interest corrections
  • Changed our address from Lágmúli 6 to Nóatún 17
  • Stop showing the "split and collect" button on savings transaction details screens
  • Remove the message box loading state on the home screen. It was making the UI jump around when it didn't need to
  • Improved how we handle long texts on our transaction detail screen. On smaller screens some fields were overflowing
  • Changed the wording on our "shake and report" popup and added a close button to the modal
  • Allow withdrawals from one jar to another instead of having the debit account as the fixed recipient

Bug fixes

  • Minor fixes to the dark theme of the app
  • Fixed a bug where savings goals were not completing even though the conditions were met
  • Fixed a bug in our push notifications for canceled transfers. They were missing the 'kr.' sign and they were not negative numbers as they should be

indó system update

September 13, 2023
  • You can get your balance statement sent to you by email as a pdf from the profile screen

indó app 0.1.26

September 11, 2023

Changes and additions

  • Added a dark mode theme

Dark mode example

Bug fixes

  • The original savings account no longer appears twice in some cases
  • The savings intro no longer played more than once
  • The card screen buttons are now disabled when the screen is loading, so it's not possible to click them too early
  • Fixed cases where multiple notifications would sometimes be sent when the balance went under the set threshold
  • Improved feedback when freezing a card fails
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the puzzle game music would continue playing after closing the game
  • Improper loading state when choosing an account number in signup fixed
  • Minor improvement to profile screen list alignment
  • Notifications behave properly after logging into different accounts

indó app 0.1.25

August 29, 2023

Changes and additions

  • Three pride associations have been added to Give a nice gift

Give a nice gift with added pride charities

  • Adjustment to the push notification copy for card refunds
  • Adding a logout modal explaining that users don't need to logout if they intend to keep using the app
  • Adding the option to send a receipt to an external recipient
  • Stopped the username from jumping behind the close button while scrolling the profile screen

indó app 0.1.24

August 14, 2023

Changes and additions

  • You can now filter the date range when exporting statements
  • Most fonts in the app now use monospaced numbers
  • The Shake & Report feature can now be disabled directly from the dialog
  • Updates to the style of the profile screen navigation bar
  • You can now see when you signed up in the profile screen

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where setting a goal for jars sometimes required both a date and an amount
  • Tapping on the red bubble in the bottom navigation bar no longer blocks taps
  • Contents of the screen for failed signups no longer overflows on smaller devices

indó app 0.1.23

July 11, 2023

Changes and additions

  • You can now also export statements for savings jars from the profile screen
  • Tapping any tab in the bottom navigation bar scrolls the active screen to the top
  • Text in transaction details is now copyable

Bug fixes

  • Improved error messages for transactions taking a long time to complete
  • Fixed bug where card information wouldn't show up on some devices
  • When creating savings jars the suggested names are now translated
  • Fixed bug where the online chat would stop working after leaving the app running in the background for a while

indó app 0.1.22

June 30, 2023

Changes and additions

  • Design updates on all transfer screens
  • Transaction overview list now also shows daily sum for days that only have one transaction
  • Minor design refinements on savings hack screens
  • Removed statement from terms in human speak, encouraging people to decline the plastic debit card, since we are still not able to enforce it on our end
  • Added claim cost breakdown, these are general costs that are not added from indó

Bug fixes

  • Bug fixed where recent transfer recipients where grouped by their name instead of ssn
  • Bug fixed where the numpad on some devices was appearing and disappearing while editing savings hacks
  • Bug fixed where hard-login during signup would not offer the passcode reset
  • Only disable the passcode reset option in the help dialog instead of disabling the entire help dialog, so users can logout/contact support no matter what state it's in

indó system update

June 26, 2023
  • You can choose what notifications you get in push notifications preferences in your profile

indó app 0.1.21

June 22, 2023

Changes and additions

  • A red bubble now appears over the "stuff" tab on the bottom bar if you have unread messages from the support chat
  • The image for transfers to/from savings jars is now shown in your transaction history
  • The style of buttons updated app-wide
  • The subtitles of enabled savings hacks now reflect their values
  • The savings hack money monster screen now uses the in-app numpad
  • Improved loading time of home screen
  • The savings intro can now be paused by long pressing
  • Audio in the puzzle game can now be muted
  • Opening release notes from the profile screen now uses your default browser
  • The withdraw button for savings jars is now disabled instead of being hidden when the jar is empty
  • The figurine shown when all savings jars have been deleted is no longer sad
  • Slightly reduced the in-app numpads height

Bug fixes

  • Interest corrections are now properly displayed along with an explanation
  • Fixed a bug where resetting the app passcode didn't work after re-installing the app
  • Fixed a bug requiring savings jars to be manually refreshed for recent transactions to appear in the history
  • The interest details screen now shows the interest rates both for the debit account and savings jars
  • Fix the add image screen for savings jars being broken on some smaller devices
  • Fixed a bug causing the money monster screens input field to be hidden sometimes
  • Irrelevant filters are now excluded from the savings statement search
  • Savings add hack button is now hidden if all hacks are active
  • Savings deposit screen withdraw from debit card renamed to debit account
  • Using the back gesture from transfer confirmation screens fixed
  • Fixed the savings target date screen being broken on some smaller devices
  • Fixed a bug requiring the phone number input field to be refocused after throwing errors

indó app 0.1.19

May 30, 2023


  • You can now create savings accounts! We call them savings jars

Create savings jar example

  • Cards can now be used instantly after signup! By adding it to your wallet or using it online
  • Added option to the profile screen to have your entire account statement sent by email

Changes and additions

  • The account number of the counterparty is now shown in the transfer details for your own transfers
  • Improvements to the split and charge wording
  • Fix share button being disabled after pressing it once in transfer confirmed screen

indó app 0.1.18

May 17, 2023
  • The app is now open to all that have a legal residence within the EEA, are 18 and over and have an Icelandic electronic ID 🎉
  • Display the country in national registry search when a person is living outside of Iceland
  • Fixed a bug where we'd show '00:00' on pending payments in statement
  • Stop showing message box about making indó a main bank account when users have already made a transaction
  • Fixed a bug where cancelled transactions where a part of the daily transactions sum
  • Improved verification of card in Google Wallet
  • Google Wallet button links to the Google Wallet app if it's not installed
  • New screen added to signup to enable users to choose a mailing address for the debit card
  • Logos of companies added to national registry search results
  • Design changes on bottom modals
  • Design changes on profile screen
  • Minor fixes on the signup screen to create a current account where account numbers seemed to be taken but were not

indó app 0.1.17

April 19, 2023
  • 3DS confirmation screen now shows the exchange rate
  • Home screen message boxes now have the capability to be displayed in all three supported languages
  • Minor fix where biometrics option tile on the profile screen was not translating correctly when language whas changed
  • Transaction details screen now shows the counterparty BAN

indó app 0.1.16

April 5, 2023
  • Shake & Report sensitivity lowered to reduce the chance of users accidentally reporting errors
  • Improvements that make notifications also appear while the app is in the foreground
  • More versions of message boxes added to the app to communicate different types of messages to users (error, success, info, neutral)
  • National registry search reopened

indó app 0.1.15

March 29, 2023
  • Fixed bug where Face ID on iOS devices was repeatedly prompted during authentication
  • Interest on the current account updated to 4.0% from March 22, 2023
  • Refinement of message box that can let users know of system errors
  • In app chat moved to "Stuff" and indó puzzle game moved to "Other" under profile instead
  • Improved 3D-secure experience for users who have disabled notifications
  • Improved the language on the password screens to try to increase user understanding that the password is for the app and the pin is for the card

indó app 0.1.14

March 20, 2023
  • New feature allowing users to get a transaction receipt sent to their email
  • Fixed a bug where the in-app chat was not working for some Android devices
  • Fixed a bug where the FAQ page only opened a black screen
  • Fixed grammar on split payment subtitle among with some other smaller spelling mistakes
  • Stop showing splash screens to users that have logged in before
  • Improved the functionality of the message boxes so that important information gets to the end user in the quickest way

indó app 0.1.13

March 4, 2023
  • Overhauled the Android biometrics to reduce the occurrences of having to enter passcode and biometrics
  • Fixed a bug where the back button on the email screen was disabled
  • Fixed a bug where the score for the puzzle game would stop counting
  • Minor change to the style of the 3DS screen
  • Improved the text wrapping for the transaction details screen
  • The signup card select screen now behaves better on smaller screen sizes

indó app 0.1.12

February 15, 2023
  • Fixed numpad overflow when using display zoom
  • Updated call center hours
  • Fixed state sometimes being wrong for the continue button in the reset passcode screen
  • Fixed scrolling bug in charity screen
  • Fixed back navigation in signup screens
  • Fixed a bug causing the FAQ opening in a browser
  • Increased the size of the hitbox for the skip button in the initial splash screen
  • The shake and report feature now warns that it will be sending a screenshot
  • Message boxes in the home screen now properly update when the app language has been changed
  • The home screen now refreshes when the app is refocused
  • Clicking on notifications should now open the correct screen in the app for all devices
  • A notification is now sent when the card is declined due to insufficient funds
  • When editing your name from the profile screen clicking "change name" again applies the edits
  • The national registry search has been disabled for now due to some issues

indó app 0.1.11

February 1, 2023


  • New design for the card screen

New card screen example

Changes and additions

  • Interest rates of current account updated to 3.0% on February 8th
  • Account number and SSN added to the transfer confirmation screen
  • Added new version of the FAQ page
  • Updated description of the indó exchange rate
  • Relevant input fields are now auto capitalized
  • Improved the text that gets shared when splitting a transaction
  • Claims with no logo now fall back to initials
  • Removed transaction key from the transaction details screen
  • New design for card transaction fallback icons
  • New icon for interest payments
  • Pressing back from a main tab now brings you to the home screen
  • Added an icon for Android notifications

Bug fixes

  • Payment authentications (3D Secure) in the app should now be more robust
  • Further improvements to prevent the numpad from overflowing in the login screen and transfer process
  • Clicking Android notifications now open the app
  • Text for claim screen options no longer truncated
  • Reauthentication in the app should now be more robust
  • Dates are now properly localized
  • Layout fixes for the account number selection screen
  • Fix a bug where transactions would sometimes be missing a logo
  • The balance on the home screen should now update after transferring money

indó app 0.1.09

January 26, 2023
  • Added in-app live support chat, accessible from the profile
  • Added our FAQ to the app, accessible from the "Stuff" tab
  • The transaction list now shows the sum of money spent each day
  • Add to wallet buttons aren't shown if the card isn't ready to be added
  • Removed the suggested avatars when choosing a profile picture
  • Multiple updates to text and translations
  • Added a link to our webpage in the interest and pricing screen
  • The navigation bar now scales better with smaller screen sizes
  • Fix some cases of the numpad overflowing for smaller screens with large system font sizes

indó app 0.1.05

January 19, 2023


  • Transactions are now a part of the home-screen
  • Redesigned all icons in the app
  • Multiple design changes
  • Added a new "claims" tab
  • Profile "Me" moved from the nav-bar to the top of all main screens
  • Added a new "stuff" tab for tools like the currency converter

New homescreen example

Changes and additions

  • Removed MCC code from transaction details
  • Redesigned splash screen
  • The account number in the profile screen is now copy-able
  • Moved the release notes from a message box in the home screen to a tile in the profile screen
  • Removed some redundant message boxes
  • Switched to blur effect when hiding balance
  • Remove references to beta from multiple places in the app
  • Better support for large font size for the claim details screen
  • Gave the move money to indó home-screen message box a face lift

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Google wallet app to app verification
  • Fixed bug causing puzzle game score to not get reset for some devices
  • Improved clipboard suggestions in the transfer process
  • When authenticating online payments we now give proper feedback if it was successful or failed

indó app 0.1.04

January 18, 2023
  • Fix Apple Wallet push provisioning

indó app 0.1.03

January 11, 2023
  • Added specific error messages for network related issues
  • Remove the golden ticket
  • Remove beta specific signup screens

indó app 0.1.02

January 5, 2023
  • Claims can no longer be dismissed by flinging
  • Remove christmas text from charity screens
  • The account balance on the home screen can now be hidden by swiping it
  • Total amount donated to charity removed from the confirmation screen
  • Fixed bug causing contact by Messenger to fail on some devices
  • Fix a bug where the app would jump around when scrolling to the bottom in some cases
  • When copying the card number to the clipboard it now does not include any spaces
  • Added the account number to the top of the profile screen and moved the SSN to the bottom
  • Add a confirmation dialog that can be disabled to all pay now actions for claims
  • Reduce the claim swipe threshold back down to 40%

indó app 0.1.00

December 21, 2022
  • The total amount donated to a charity by indóans is now visible in the donation screens
  • Added a quit button to the end screen of the puzzle game
  • Add a background to disabled claim action swipes
  • Your language preference will now sync between devices

indó app 0.0.99

December 15, 2022
  • Now you can donate to charity with an amount of your choosing to charity organizations picked by indoans. Accessible from the homescreen and the "Me" tab

Example of donating to charity

  • Fingerprint authentication on Android improved
  • Now a confirmation modal pops up on swipe to pay an overdue claim
  • The device gives haptic feedback and the background color changes when a claim that is being swiped is close to the swipe distance threshold which will activate the operation
  • Hitbox made smaller on buttons on the claim detail screen to further reduce chances of claims being accidentally paid
  • Claim swipe actions unified for optional and mandatory claims

indó app 0.0.97

December 9, 2022
  • Optional claims can now be permanently hidden, accessible by clicking the filter icon in the claims screen

Example of optional claims toggle

  • Implemented app-to-app card activation flow for Google Wallet
  • Added automatic language selection based on the selected system language
  • The location field is now populated more frequently for transactions
  • Reduced chances of claims being accidentally swiped by increasing the swipe distance threshold and ensuring all destructive operations are a right to left swipe
  • Emoji toggle button state now properly represents if it's enabled or not
  • Passcode inputs now get hidden after 0.5 seconds from the previous 1 second
  • When selecting an account number in signup there is now proper feedback if an account number has been taken and a confirmation dialogue
  • Fixed a bug causing some customers to receive different card designs than they selected

indó app 0.0.95

December 2, 2022
  • The app is now available in English and Polish!

Example of picking a language

  • Golden tickets are now live! Everyone can invite one friend to indó for a limited time while we are in beta

Example of golden ticket

  • Fix incorrect translations in English and Polish in the AML questionnaire
  • The default pre-selected card art has been switched to pink from green in the signup
  • Fix text overflow that could occur for the comics in the interest and pricing screen
  • Fixed a bug preventing users on some small screens from picking cards during signup
  • Improved the wording for card security settings to clarify the state
  • When creating the account number during signup selecting suggestions autofill the input field
  • Fixed a bug causing the app to request authentication twice on some devices

indó app 0.0.93

November 24, 2022
  • Improved the stability of 3ds payment authentications, they should work much more reliably now
  • Optional claims can now be scheduled to be payed on due date
  • Fix a bug not giving users the option to reset their passcode in some cases
  • Fix the transfer confirmation screen, the animation was missing leading to a mostly empty screen
  • Fix a bug causing users to be asked to confirm their email unnecessarily
  • Fixed the incorrectly error styled popup confirming that a transaction number has been copied to the clipboard in the transaction details screen

indó app 0.0.92

November 16, 2022
  • Added default category icons to card transactions (for when we don't have a merchant picture)
  • Refined the style of all animated illustrations

indó app 0.0.91

November 9, 2022
  • Reversed the swipe actions for scheduled claims for more predictable behaviour
  • Refined the style of multiple illustrations
  • Unified the design of secondary navigation headers throughout the app
  • Fixed issue causing overflow for too long titles in some headers
  • Added support for our new card designs

Example of picking the new card arts

indó app 0.0.90

November 2, 2022
  • You can now use your indó card in Klappið to pay for the bus!
  • Card transactions can now display merchant logos! New logos will be continually added
  • Fixed jumpy scroll behavior in the profile screen
  • Improved the behavior of the alias text field in the profile screen
  • The interest rate displayed in the interest and pricing screen is now fetched from the server
  • Minor design changes to reset passcode screen, signup terms screen, AML questionnaire screen, and a few others
  • Various font size fixes

indó app 0.0.89

October 26, 2022
  • Your account number is now displayed directly on the home screen in the header
  • Fixed Android wallet button loading states causing jumpy UI behavior in the card screen
  • Fixed bug where the location field would be displayed in the transactions details screen even though it was empty
  • Added tabs to the national registry search screen

Example of national regestry search screen tabs

indó app 0.0.88

October 21, 2022
  • Add your card to Google Wallet with a button on the card screen 💳➡️📱

Example of android wallet button

  • Very spooky homescreen changes 👻🎃
  • Transaction history now returns cancelled entries
  • Fix issue where deposits to the card were incorrectly creating reservations
  • Profile picture filtering is now less stringent
  • Typograhpy accross the app is now more unified
  • Transfer flow after entering SSN is now improved

indó app 0.0.87

October 12, 2022

Changes & additions

  • Added a coachmark to the claims screen informing users that they can swipe claims to perform various actions
  • Added help icons to the transaction details screen to explain pending and canceled transactions
  • Improve the search bar behavior by clearing search results when the text field clear icon is tapped
  • Claim tile layout improved for cases where there is no description
  • Center merchant name in the 3DS authentication screen
  • Improve the title of the phone number input screen to make it clear that the purpose is for eID authentication (rafræn skilríki)

Bug fixes

  • Refresh the balance on the home screen after interacting with claims from the claims screen
  • Fix a bug preventing users from resetting their passcode from the profile screen
  • Fix a bug causing duplicate 3DS notifications in rare cases
  • Exclude some special characters from showing up in profile image initials
  • Skip showing the merchant URL field if it’s not set in the 3DS authentication screen

indó app 0.0.86

October 5, 2022


  • Update interest and pricing screen, interest is now 1.65%

Changes and additions

  • Remove the pending transactions list. Pending transactions are now displayed inline with other transactions in the correct order

Bug fixes

  • Fix error handling in the sign up set email screen where users could be stuck in an infinite loop if the app was unauthenticated while trying to set the email
  • Fix the signup progress indicator order, step one and two were reversed

indó app 0.0.85

September 29, 2022


  • Transaction search and filtering is now live for everyone

Example of transactions search

Changes and additions

  • Changes enabling for example topping up your indó account with Revolut and your Revolut account with indó.
  • The message boxes in the home screen can now be dismissed
  • The app now returns canceled transactions in the transaction history
  • User aliases that can be set in the profile screen are now saved server side fixing some bugs and allowing synchronization between devices (aliases are still only visible to the user who set it)

Bug fixes

  • Update our support phone number to the correct one under “hafa samband”
  • Fix a bug breaking the support phone number and email linking for devices running android 11+
  • Fix long titles overflowing into multiple lines for the claim details screen

indó app 0.0.84

September 22, 2022


  • Transactions search implemented. Currently only available to staff for testing purposes, there will be no need to update the app once we feel it’s ready for the beta group
  • Preparation to make our app publicly available in the respective app stores, with a new much more user friendly process for users to join the beta once invited

Changes and additions

  • Ability to change your name (only locally) in the profile screen
  • Design updates to the passcode screen
  • Coach mark added to the passcode screen letting users know they can toggle to the emoji keyboard
  • Card details now get blurred when users shake and report a bug

indó app 0.0.83

September 13, 2022


  • New currency converter screen added, accessible from the profile screen

currency screen example

  • Multiple design updates to the homescreen and transaction screen, along with some other screens.

home screen example

Changes and additions

  • Major improvements to the signup create account screen (the screen where you select your account number)
  • Updated the icons in the help dialogue menu
  • Private beta message added to the empty state greeting screen
  • Side padding changed globally to 20px
  • Refinements to list tiles, such as in the transaction list

Bug fixes

  • Claim tiles are now properly responsive to system font size
  • Fix confirm email loading state bug, allowing users to auto complete signup steps with multiple fast consecutive clicks
  • Fix a bug where the attempt counter for the passcode screen could show incorrect information
  • Copy edit for the “card on the way” signup screen
  • Fix a bug not allowing some bank numbers
  • Fix spacing between buttons in email bottom modal sheet

Psst… there's an easter egg lingering somewhere in the homescreen :0

indó app 0.0.82

August 22, 2022

Changes and additions

  • When the card is inactive the app displays an explanation when the reveal card number or pin are pressed
  • Add our own explanation for the phone authentication (Rafræn skilríki) in stead of sending the user to an external web page
  • Phone number authentication (Rafræn skilríki) can now be canceled
  • Moved some redundant functions in the profile screen from staff to dev section
  • Add fire icon when card is in frozen state in the card screen

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug where the phone number input field would lose focus on failed input
  • Fixed font scaling for name in profile screen
  • Made some buttons responsive to different system fonts
  • Minor style fixes to Nat reg search

indó app 0.0.81

August 16, 2022


  • National registry search is live

national regestry search screen example

Changes and additions

  • Updated our interest and pricing screen with up to date information
  • Send feature suggestion screen no longer redirects you to send an email, everything is handled in app
  • You can now copy the card number, exp date, and cvv by tapping on the respective numbers in the card screen after you reveal them
  • Added a progress indicator to the signup process
  • “Kr.” suffix added to amounts
  • Add pull to refresh functionality to the card screen
  • The card number can now be hidden after revealing it
  • Disabled auto-correct for email fields
  • Clarified the forgotten passcode process with better wording
  • We automatically collect your email on shake and report so we can follow up if necessary
  • Temporarily corrected the text saying the card would be sent home in the sign up process
  • Added an attempt counter on incorrect passcode entries showing how many tries you have left
  • Transactions are now ordered by user initiation time, not when they were cleared
  • indó customers can now accept transactions from Endurvinnslan using their indó card

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where in app popup notices would break after logging out and back in without fully restarting the app

indó app 0.0.79

July 27, 2022


  • Interest and pricing screen (Vextir og verðskrá) added, check it out under the profile screen

interest and pricing screen example

  • Account selection screen implemented. When selecting a recent recipient or entering the SSN of a previous recipient, accounts previously transferred to belonging to them are displayed ordered by date

account selection screen example

Changes and additions

  • Profile picture added to the login screen along with a welcoming message
  • Improved the incorrect pin behavior with a nice animation
  • Indo style numpad implemented for every number only input in the app. Such as the phone number input, the transfer screens, and more
  • In app popup notices implemented, they replace every usage of the snackbar
  • The card in the card screen can now be expanded
  • Transaction search and filtering added (client side only, isn’t functional yet)
  • Help icon that shows an explanation of what pending transactions are
  • When entering the bank number in the transfer process, an image of the bank now gets displayed along with the name of the bank the number belongs to
  • Asynchronous loading for each item on the home screen
  • Improvements to national registry search screen

Bug fixes

  • Fix card screen not showing the proper state of the card, whether it is frozen or not
  • Fix transaction tile inkwell effects
  • Fix bug where the share transfer button could stack popups
  • Fix an issue with the total amount of claims in the claim preview being calculated incorrectly in some cases