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Indó is a new place for your money. We are not one of the old banks but a savings bank and we intend to do better. We won't be big and cumbersome. We are small, green and love to keep things simple. That is how our service will be, free from bull$h!7. We help people to save, but also to use money. Our users will have an impact on what we do and how we contribute to society. Do you want a return or fund charities? We are not going to be a bank and that's fantastic.

Meet the foundersMeet the founders
team indó

At indó we have a nerdy passion for technology and finance. The questions that motivate us are: Can banking be fair and transparent? Do banks always need to be at odds with society. We created indó to be different from banks. We want indó to be:


It's simple to get the app and use indó. We are not playing hide and seek with fees or what we're providing to our users. We tell it like it is. Simplicity allows us to move fast to make the experience fun and our cost is low so we can offer better terms than the other banks. Simplicity also means we are free from any unnecessity that benefits no one. Who says that banks need to be bull$h!7?


We have a right to know where the clothes we wear and the food we eat comes from. When people were asked to describe banks as they would like them to be in the future, transparency was a clear demand. That's why we make an effort to have indó be as transparent as possible. What do we have to hide?

In harmony with society

As a savings bank we want to be in harmony with the local society and take an active role in improving it. We don't need to be huge or to have glass palaces to be able to offer a good service. We offer better terms, make an effort to understand the needs of our users, and resolve issues that arrise in a fair manner. Isn't that good service?

No hide and seek, better terms and no bull$h!7. That's our way to make the world a better place.